16 Health Myths You Believed Your Entire Life Which Are Just Not True

13You should lick a fresh wound

Now, why would someone want to lick their wounds? This will in no way relieve the pain and instead will make your problem worse. You could transfer a whole lot of bacteria from your mouth to the wound.

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14Green mucus means a viral infection

This is a common belief that if your nose is oozing green mucus, you could be having a viral infection. This is far from the truth and has simply nothing to do with infection. It just depends on the level of protein in your blood.

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15You always experience pain during heart attack

Heart attacks don’t necessarily need to be accompanied by severe chest pain. Most heart attacks in fact, don’t come with any pain symptoms at all. People who have suffered heart attacks have said it felt like toothache and mild heartburn.

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16Organic food is pesticide-free and more nutritious

Organic food is now a huge trend and most people feel it is good for health because organic products are grown pesticide free. They are also believed to be more nutritious but organic foods can also contain pesticides since farmers are allowed the use of organic pesticides which can even harm the environment more than the synthetic ones.

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