16 Health Myths You Believed Your Entire Life Which Are Just Not True

9Your body can become resistant to antibiotics

Another false unscientific statement where the human body does not have any influence over antibiotics. Antibiotics get reduced in their ability to work because it is the bacteria in the body that could become resistant to it.

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10Why your fingers wrinkle after taking a bath

You may have experienced this several times when after a bath, your fingers may wrinkle. It could also happen after you wash clothes manually. Many feel that this happens because your fingers absorb moisture but it is something else. The blood vessels beneath the skin of your finger tips constrict which gives them the appearance of being wrinkled.

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11Antibiotics can cure the common cold

Absolutely not true. It is weird how when people get a cold, they resort to medication and pop antibiotics thinking it will cure the cold. A cold is caused by a virus and antibiotics are no help against a virus infection. It is the body that will eventually expel the virus out of its system.

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12There is a cure to swallowing poisonous food

What many people feel is that the best way to get rid of poisonous food is to start vomiting and throwing up. This could be extremely harmful for the throat and esophagus because of the string acids in the poisons. Food poisoning that doesn’t cause you to vomit should be treated accordingly with a doctor’s consultation and medication.

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