16 Health Myths You Believed Your Entire Life Which Are Just Not True

5Reading in dim light

Mothers are always scolding their children not to read in dim light because it could spoil eyesight. However, this is false because the only thing that the dim light will do is to make it harder for one to focus. On a different note, one shouldn’t frequently read in dim light because of the risk of eye strain and not poor vision. Moreover, studies have also found that constant exposure to the blue light emanated from electronic items like tabs and cell phones at night disrupt the sleep cycle of children.

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6The computer screen can damage your eyes

While a computer screen cannot damage someone’s eyes because not enough radiation is emitted out of it to do that, it can however cause problems of eye strain and a change in vision if one is habituated to working before a computer the while day.

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7Conditioners can get rid of split ends

Conditioners, shampoos, and other hair products will never get rid of your split ends. They do have the ability to make your hair silkier and softer but that’s as long as you wash your hair with them and that’s a temporary condition. The best way to get rid of split ends is to visit the beauty salon or trim your hair with scissors.

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8Men think of sex every seven seconds

Now this is a big misconception and certainly a very unfair one too. How would that be possible especially for those who are busy at work and have nothing else to think of except on how to complete their project for the day? This statement makes no sense at all even if it is assumed that men think more about sex than women do.

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