16 Health Myths You Believed Your Entire Life Which Are Just Not True

There are several health myths that have had people believing the wrong things over the years. Regarding health, there have been many old wives tales being fed into our minds without any basis whatsoever. You might have heard your grandma telling you how some foods are heating or cooling, while there could be some truth in that from a different perspective, others are simply hogwash and total myths like the ones mentioned here. Here are 15 health myths of all time which we always believed but are not true.


1Fresh products healthier than frozen ones

This is a common misconception that urges people to feel that only fresh products are healthy and frozen products are not. It just isn’t true because frozen products are just as good when they are produced by quality standards. Studies have also attested to the fact frozen vegetables and fruits are as nutritious as their fresh counterparts. However, always check the dates of manufacture and f there is an expiration date.

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2You should eat food before you get drunk

There is wide belief among those who drink that of you eat food and then drink, you are less likely to get drunk. This nicely makes them drink extra till they are well and truly sozzled. It hardly matters whether you eat or not, the alcohol will intoxicate you in spite of the food in your system.

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3Using painkillers

Because of the urge to self medicate, many advise that painkillers should be avoided until and unless there is an emergency and the pain is unbearable. While, your doctor is the best person to tell you when you should start taking painkillers for a condition, usually, they should be taken when you begin experiencing pain especially in the case of chronic conditions.

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4Larger size equals lower metabolism

This is simply not true. Many people think that those who weigh more have a reduced metabolism. Scientists have totally rubbished this myth and have even found that those who weigh more have a faster metabolism than those who are skinny, so one should stop judging big made people because of their size and weight.

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