Why Health Experts Disagree with The Claim That Chocolate Can Help Burn Fat

Concepts of eating chocolate such as milk chocolate in the morning are believed to have several health benefits. However, nutritionists are disagreeing with such beliefs and state that they aren’t true. Researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital collaborated with investigators from the University of Murcia in Spain to conduct a small study on this subject. The study concluded that for some people, eating milk chocolate for breakfast may have some unexpected benefits.


1Milk chocolate can increase fat burn and reduce blood sugar

The researchers and investigators found that fat burn can be facilitated and blood sugar reduced with a high intake of milk chocolate in the morning. They even observed that chocolate could affect gut bacteria, sleep, appetite, hunger, and even more. Even eating chocolate at night may impact the body’s metabolism the next morning.

Milk chocolate can increase fat burn and reduce blood sugar

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2The details of the short and sweet study

In the study, a controlled crossover trial was conducted which involved 19 postmenopausal women. 100 grams of milk chocolate was consumed by each individual, either within 1 hour of going to bed or 1 hour after waking up. The women who ate chocolate were then compared to those who did not eat the chocolate for measurable, effects like weight gain. It was found that even after 14 days of eating chocolate, the women had showed no increase in their weight on the scale.

The details of the short and sweet study

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3The women reduced their calorie intake to compensate for the chocolate consumption

The women who ate chocolate were free to eat anything they wanted in any amount as long as they consumed the required amount of chocolate every day. But these women reduced the number of calories in their meals to compensate for the number of calories they gained from eating chocolate. Women who ate chocolate in the morning reduced their calorie count by 300 kcal/day and those who ate chocolate in the evening reduced it by 150 kcal/day.

Girl Eating Chocolate

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