9 Health Benefits That You Can Get If You Consume Flax-seeds Daily

There are many food items which are very good for our health and they are easily available in the market as well but we don’t include them in our diet as we are unaware of the benefits of consuming them. In ancient times, people used to eat flaxseeds as they knew about the health benefits of consuming them, in fact, Charlemagne, the Roman emperor made laws to promote flaxseeds as he was highly impressed it. Today, we will also talk about some of the health benefits of flaxseed and we are sure that soon you will also make it a part of your diet.


1Reduces blood pressure

Many studies have been conducted to find out the connection between flaxseeds and blood pressure and it has been found that flaxseeds bring down the blood pressure. As per a Canadian study, the blood pressure of those people came down who consumed 30 g of flaxseeds daily for a period of six months and it was also helpful for those who were under medication for blood pressure.

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Analysis of 11 studies:

An analysis of the findings of 11 studies (14 trials) was done and it was found that eating flaxseeds for over 3 months can bring down the blood pressure by 2mmHg which may be pretty less but still it decreases the chances of losing life because of heart disease by 7 percent and by 10% because of stroke.

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2Controls blood sugar levels

A very big part of the world population is suffering from type 2 diabetes and it is a really big concern for the governments of various countries. However, it was seen that blood sugar levels of a person drop by 8 to 20 percent if 20 gm of flaxseeds are added to his meals for a month. As flaxseed has insoluble fibers, it decreases the rate at which sugar is released in the blood, hence the blood sugar levels are reduced.

Image Source: www.ajuda.org.uk

3Reduces chances of cancer:

A study was conducted in Canada in which 6,000 women took part and it was found that those who consumed flaxseeds regularly were less prone to breast cancer. Not only breast cancer, flaxseeds also reduces the chances of colon cancer if it is included in the meals of a person.

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Cancer fighting properties

Flaxseeds reduces the chances of cancer as it has huge amount of lignans which have antioxidant and estrogen properties that play an important role in bringing down the risk of cancer. It also has alpha-Linolenic acid, which is omega-3 fatty acid; it is pretty effective in stopping the creation and the growth of tumor.

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

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