What happens to your Kidneys and Brain when you put on excessive Makeup?


Cosmetic products make up more than a $640 billion global market which is expected to rise every year. The desire to enhance ones features through make up and of course the countless chemical remedies for skin lightening and anti ageing results in an overwhelming demand. Humans have been using makeup for centuries and it could cause a problem when one is psychologically dependent on makeup.

Even though research has found how women are psychologically driven to makeup, doctors and scientists alike are now more and more concerned as to the harmful effects of makeup and how it can impact physical health.


1 Why frequent and excessive makeup can be dangerous

From foundations to powders, all makeup and cosmetics contain chemical ingredients that could be dangerous to health. Such chemicals can result in skin flaking, dryness and allergies. However even more dangerous than these surface problems is the ability of such chemicals to enter the blood stream and introduce toxins into the body.

When such toxic chemicals gain free access into our bodies, it is then when the health risk is increased to alarming levels posing a huge health risk. Samples of kohl used as natural eyeliners collected from third world countries found high amounts of lead. Moreover a recent study undertaken by the breast cancer fund in aid of a campaign for safe cosmetics revealed that half of kids Halloween makeup products contained banned and harmful chemicals. However the levels of the toxic chemicals were not high enough to cause any immediate health problems.

excessive makeup can be dangerous

Image Source: www.s-nbcnews.com


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