We bet you didn’t know these awesome hacks to get rid of various body pains

Our bodies have many nerve fibers and therefore we have many pressure points in our body. The ancient Chinese and Indian medicine has studied these nerve endings and their effects on various aches and pains of the body. All you need to do is apply pressure to a certain point and you will experience your pain going away in an instant. Here are some awesome hacks which use this technique give relief from certain body pains and aches.


1 Scratchy Throat

Nothing is more annoying than having a scratchy throat. It makes swallowing impossible and also makes talking a labored task. Most of the times, medicines give you relief in a matter of minutes, but over use of medicines mean that body forms immunity against medicines and they stop working. Hot tea and salt water gargle provide temporary relief. However, you can get rid of this annoying condition by scratching your ear. Doing so creates a muscle spasm in the throat, clearing it.

Scratchy Throat

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2 Calming down oneself

The best way to calm oneself down in a situation of intense tension and anxiety is to splash some ice cold water on your face. The combination of ice cold water on the face and you holding breath during the process tricks the brain into deploying the mammalian diving reflex. This reflex makes the brain utilize more oxygen than it usually does and this calms you down. You can also gulp down a glass of ice cold water to calm yourself.

Calming down oneself

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3 When you give blood

Many people are afraid of needles going into their body and due to this fear; many people do not donate blood. However, if you manage to gather enough courage to donate blood, try coughing a little when the nurse inserts the needle. This will distract the brain from the needle and pain caused by it and you wouldn’t even know that you are now a proud blood donor.

When you give blood

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4 Stuffy nose

Another annoying condition is getting a stuffy nose. It hampers not only the breathing process, but also annoys the freak out of you. In order to get rid of this, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press one finger on each of the eyebrow. This will cause the vomer bone to rock back and forth and release any mucus stuck in the nasal cavity. Say yay to no phlegm.

Stuffy nose

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5 How not to get a scar after a burn?

If you burn yourself next time (hopefully unintentionally), instead of putting the burnt area under water or under ice pack, try pressing on the area using the pads of your fingers. This will bring the temperature down and risk of blisters will decrease. Also, there will be no scars after healing.

How not to get a scar after a burn?

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6 How to get rid of toothache?

Next time when your tooth starts to ache, place an ice cube on the back of your hand. Now rub the webbing between the index finger and the thumb in a forward and backward motion. This area is filled with nerve pathways that relay signals of pain from the jaw to the brain. The ice and this rubbing motion will block any pain signals to the brain.

How to get rid of toothache?

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7 Migraine goes away in a jiffy

Migraine makes anyone’s day worse and cure for it is avoiding many things you like to eat and drink and have many costly medicines. However, next time the migraine starts, rub the webbed area between the thumb and index finger with your other index finger and thumb. Press and hold on for 2 minutes and keep moving your fingers in round circles. This will make the blood flow out of the head and neck, nullifying the pain.

Cure Migraine

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