H3N2 Spreads among dogs, veterinarians send across warning alerts of dog flu

The veterinarians warned that the canine influenza H3N2 or dog flu is spreading across United States at such rates that any dog can be at risk. Veterinarians have asked the pet owners to be cautious about the epidemic. This is a highly contagious flu and the media reports have revealed that the flu has spread across Austin, Texas and is spreading rapidly to the neighbouring places. Veterinarians everywhere are on alert with the possible spreading of this virus.

1 Dog flu virus

The H3N2 or dog flu has already struck around 2000 dogs across 40 states so far. The virus was initially found in April 2015 in Chicago which had infected around thousand dogs. The virus spreads from one dog to the other through mere contact, making the spread faster and wider especially among the local and street dogs. Once a community is hit with dog flu dog flu, then there can be a high risk of continuous transmission, experts said.

Experts spoke about the potential of this virus to spread like a wild fire, and once it spreads across communities, it will be difficult to control. Especially if this spreads through kennels or shelter homes, the situation can get really worse. The strain will be easily transmitted in these places where many dogs are kept.

Dog flu virus

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2 The History Of H3N2

The source and cause of the virus still remain unknown to the experts. However, a virus that affected Asia a few years ago seem to be similar to H3N2.

Reports say that two dogs were diagnosed H3N2 positive on December last year after which many dogs became ill. But the situation was under control as immediate response came from the side of the government who quickly isolated dogs in kennels and shelter homes, followed by disinfecting the surroundings, and the dogs were given instant treatment.

The History Of H3N2

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