Go for a sugar detox for 10 days and the results will surely astonish you!

Sugar is simply everyone’s favorite! After all, who does not have those ever ending cravings for their favourite ice creams and candies and cakes? If you are a parent then there are chances that you have a kid who always harbors a fetish for something or other sweet. But a recent study has unveiled that a sugar detox, that is, cutting down on sugar for a period of 10 days can work wonders for your kid’s health. In case you know nothing about such a detox then it is obvious that you may be a little suspicious about what you should expect. However, the result of the study was pretty remarkable and you should know more about it!


1 Cutting down on sugar is great for your health

Normally, everyone thinks that gaining success out of a diet can take months and even longer than that; but this is not true at all. A research conducted by Dr. Robert Lustig and his team of experts in University of California, San Francisco on 43 children showed some really great consequences on health parameters. The triglyceride levels of the children were decreased by 33 points on an average. Then it was seen that the LDL or bad cholesterol level dropped by 5 points and so did the levels of diastolic blood pressure.

Cutting down on sugar is great for your health

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2 Reduced risk of diabetes

After the analysis of a number of medical tests, the children showed a drastic reduction in the risk of diabetes and their insulin and blood sugar levels were also normalized. All this in just a period of 10 days! Isn’t it really unbelievable? Moreover, while the study showed success rates in children the facts hold true for adults as well. In fact, the test speaks a lot on the once unspeakable idea, that is, all of the calories have not been created equal.

Reduced risk of diabetes

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3 Fructose plays mayhem

It is true that some calories are just worse than the others, and in case of majority of people, sugar ranks at the top of the list. The most popular table sugar, widely known as sucrose consists of equal parts of fructose and glucose. But it is the fructose that plays more mayhem and the reason behind this is simply intriguing.

As our bodies utilize glucose as the preferred source of energy, it can be easily metabolized and utilized simply anywhere and everywhere while the extra amounts of it is stored in the liver or muscles as glycogen. Sadly, it is not the same thing with fructose. Let us know why?

Fructose plays mayhem

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4 Extra fat leads to heart diseases

Fructose is metabolized in only a single location and that is the liver. As the liver is able to handle only a limited amount of sugar at a time, the excess amount of fat gets converted into fat. Once your liver starts accumulating fat in it, it is really unhealthy. Worse than that, the extra quantity of fat gets spilled out into your blood stream, thus, increasing the risk of cardiac diseases and heart strokes.

Extra fat leads to heart diseases

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5 Fructose makes you eat more

In ancient times, the human consumption of sugar was limited as people consumed it only in the form of fruits that fell from trees; even honey was protected by bees. But today, we are consuming 130 pounds of sugar in a year and such a drastic intake of sugar hits our liver like a tsunami as the organ is naturally not able to keep pace with such a steep increase of sugar intake.


And the most peculiar thing about fructose is that it cannot suppress ghrelin which is the hunger hormone; so even if you eat more of it, you don’t feel full. So, to cut the long story short, fructose enables you to eat more and more.

Fructose makes you eat more

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6 See results of sugar detox in just 10 days

Lustig and his expert team have given a very vivid conclusion.
While most diets focus on eating less it is not the same with sugar detox process for 10 days. Here the study participants had cut down on dietary sugar from 28% to 10% and replaced it with other complex carbohydrates. So, instead of gorging on pastries you can opt for a healthier option in bagel. After all, the goal here is not to reduce weight but to diminish sugar impact on the body.

See results of sugar detox in just 10 days

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So, think smartly and go for sugar in limited quantities. You will have a lot to thank for in just a matter of 10 days. And your body will thank you for going for a sugar detox!


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