This girl got a life changing dental surgery. You won’t believe how she looks now

People are born with some or other physical ailment or deformity and if it is diagnosed and fixed at the correct time, it transforms the person’s life. The person gets more confidence and courage to face the world and the shyness is decreased with time. Here is a similar story of Ellie Jones who was born with a deformity in her jaw and her transformation is one of the most happiest stories. Check it out.

1 The girl who required the surgery

Like every teenager, Ellie Jones got her braces to correct her teeth alignment, but at the age of 14, when her dentist fitted her with her braces, he made a shocking discovery that her chin had not grown at all since the age of 8. This had caused the bones in her lower jaw to not grow at all and resulted in her teeth growing out all crooked and out of alignment. Her dentist knew that it was not in his hands to correct that and she needed a specialist and surgery. She was sent to maxillofacial surgeon Emma Woolley of Glan Clwyd Hospital in Rhyl, Wales for further diagnosis and help. Ellie who was 16 at the time and has undergone many surgeries on her jaw to fix the problem and the process is discussed in the second slide.

The girl who required the surgery<

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2 The all important surgery

The all important surgery

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Ellie had her first operation at the age of 16 and she says “I was on a liquid diet for about a month, which was really hard, and I couldn’t talk properly – I had to use a notepad to communicate. After a while I was able to mumble a few words and I had a lisp for a while due to how swollen my mouth was.” One of the biggest part of the surgery was to cut her jaw both horizontally and vertically and then align it properly as it should have been had her lower jaw bones had developed properly. A year later, work was done on her chin in order to shape it properly and elongating the chin to make it more visible and protruding and giving the jaw a shape, which was not present before. The transformation took a total of 6 long years and multiple surgeries to correct the issues and it has changed her life forever.

Ellie with doctors after surgery

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