Ginger is a magical spice which has great health benefits attached to it


Ginger is that magical spice, which has the powers to dissolve kidney stones, cleanse the liver and even kill cancer cells. Can you believe that this single spice can do all this? You may not, but yes it can, and it also provide some other health benefits. This wonderful spice is a native to southwest Asia and is mainly used in cuisines and medicines since ancient times in China, India and Middle East. Ancient Romans imported ginger almost 2000 years ago and Europe got a taste of it in middle ages.

Since it has many health benefits, ginger has been recommended to be made a part of our every day diet. It keeps us healthy, fit and also keeps us immune from many diseases. It can be taken in various ways, but here we are going to discuss how it is used in a drink that is popular in the entire Indian subcontinent.

1 The magical spice

Ginger is derived from the root of the flowering plant known as Zingiber officinale Roscoe.


It is indigenous to China and India and was imported into the Europe in 1st century AD from India during the lucrative spice trade period. The world’s leading producer of ginger currently is India. It is mostly used as a spice as it has a very zingy taste and is aromatic in smell.

Usually it is pickled in vinegar or added to many cuisines of the world. You can take the juice out of ginger and use it to flavor many things in the kitchen. Ginger is often used as a medicine in China and India and it especially helpful in assisting in digestion of the food.

Japan uses ginger as a palate cleanser in between different types of meals. They also make candy out ginger known as Sato Zuke.

The ingredient

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