Get rid of that runny nose once and for all with (believe it or not) a simple facial massage!

Have you tried it all from honey to eucalyptus oil to ginger to nasal sprays but that godforsaken runny nose just won’t it’s race? You’re in for a surprise! Read on to find out how a simple massage from somewhere like Massage Sway can make you get rid of that runny nose!


1 A little more on runny noses

A runny nose may sound like a trivial affair in comparison to most other medical problems people face, but a persistent runny nose can be quite a pain in the behind and we’d all be much better off without one!

The causes of a runny nose may include sinus infections, common colds, hay fever, food allergies, flu environmental allergies, tobacco smoke, pet allergies, dry air, and more. A runny nose can occur along with or without nasal congestion.


Many try to treat runny noses using nasal sprays, but most of the time they’re like a double edged sword. They contain a lot of harmful chemicals, provide only temporary relief and after they do, they make your runny nose runnier than ever!

This massage may serve as a much healthier alternative.

A little more on runny noses

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2 A Massage?

Doctors of Chinese medicine believe that proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues is actually the most important thing. When blood stagnates at a certain point in your body, it creates some perfect conditions for the development of different diseases and vice versa. Proper blood flow enables the body to heal more easily. And this is the reason why massaging certain points contribute to the healing process.


A massage modeled on the Chinese Acupressure techniques is supposed to seal the deal for you. This is quite a simple massage technique that basically stimulates acupressure points on your face to help clear up a stuffed or runny nose.

A Massage

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The 6 most effective acupressure points for a runny nose are:

  1. Nostril Points
  2. Bridge of the Nose Points
  3. Behind the Earlobe Point
  4. Earlobe Point
  5. Third Eye Point
  6. Below the Cheekbone Point

3 How do I do this massage?

This massage is extremely easy to do on yourself or on someone else. The index finger is used to apply pressure on the pressure points for a time period of around 10 seconds each. The pressure should be firm enough but not cause pain. Also, rotate the finger around the particular area such that there’s good circulation and gentle pressure and release effect.


You do not require any kind of special equipment for this massage, which makes it even easier. There are certain things you need to keep in mind while doing this massage though.

How do I do this massage

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  • The main points of concentration should be the eyebrow area, the sides of the eyebrows, bridge and eyes and the base of the nose.
  • Begin at the two points on either side of the nostrils. While you rotate your fingers around this area, your nostrils will close and may cause some kind of inconvenience. If so, try doing one point after the other, so that one nostril is always open and you do not have any obstruction while breathing.
  • Now bring your fingers slightly above your nostrils to the bridge of your nose, right above the inner corner of your eyes. This is your second set of pressure points.
  • Now from this point, slide your fingers up and over your eyebrows and bring them to your temples i.e. on either side of your eyebrows, slightly above your cheekbone. Repeat the same procedure.
  • Now using your two fingers stroke your cheekbones from the nose towards your ears and then apply pressure to the fourth pair of points i.e. behind the earlobes.
  • Finally, give your ear lobes a nice massage to finish.
  • Repeat the entire procedure at least thrice for immediate results.

Well, you can thank us later ?


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