Get a Medical Checkup done Now, If You Experience Any of These Early Warning Signs of Diabetes!

Diabetes!! In most cases the general notion is that it attacks you suddenly and there you have it, you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Contrary to the belief, almost every disease does have its warning signs; the common notion in man is to dispense of such symptoms as normal health problems like gas, and acidity.

Fortunately for those at risk of suffering from impending diabetes, there are tell-tale signs which should never be written off. Pay heed to these 10 warning signs of diabetes..

1 Sudden Weight Loss

When blood sugar levels increase, it could lead to a sudden and rapid weight loss. This occurs due to the body’s inability to absorb glucose which is constantly eliminated through urination. The frequent loss of sugar is what makes diabetic patients incessantly hungry. So if you’re always hungry and eating constantly yet losing weight, you know what you have to do! Yes!! See a doctor

Sudden Weight Loss

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2 Frequent Urination and Unusual Thirst

Taking off from the first point; as diabetic conditions make the body lose glucose through urination; hence the urge of frequent micturtuion. This is a prevalent symptom in type 2 diabetes. Just don’t go thinking it’s the excessive amounts of water because that in itself is a big warning sign that something’s wrong somewhere.As glucose is being constantly flushed out of the kidneys which have to work overtime, the loss of fluid causes thirst.

Frequent Urination and Unusual Thirst

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