Latest food study in the UK says you shouldn’t eat blacken toast as it can cause cancer

With stressful fast paced lifestyles, we do little to abide by the protocols of healthy and nutritious diets. What you may feel is a breakfast rich enough in nutrients and low fat may turn out to be adverse for your health instead. Toast for example, how many of you don’t really bother whether your toast is perfectly browned, lightly browned or a piece of charcoal that you just scrape off and gobble down with a pat of butter before rushing to work.

But!! Hold it!! Stop!! Did you know that toast can cause cancer??? The UK has now issued warnings and suggestions for all home cooks to abide by the gold standard when it comes to your daily meals. Read on to find out what this is.

1 The new food campaign launched by the UK

The UK has launched a new dietary campaign initiated by its Food Standards Agency (FSA) that urges cooks across the country to ‘Go for Gold” concerning starchy foods. The campaign seeks to make people aware of a carcinogen called acrylamide found in bread and potatoes. The carcinogen is potentially dangerous when subjected to high heat and is released in the form of that brown color when it burns.


The new food campaign launched by the UK

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2 How it causes cancer

Acrylamide upon being digested converts into another chemical called glyucamide that binds to your DNA. This can result in Cell mutation which is the first step of cancer. Research on animals revealed that exposure to acrylamide increases the risk of cancer even in humans.

How it causes cancer

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