12 Fitness Myths That Can Be Extremely Harmful For Your Health

11Myth 10. Yoga will get rid of a backache

Your back pain cannot be cured by Yoga. If muscle cramps or problems are the cause of your pain, then certain poses and stretches can help you ease out the pain and make your muscles stronger. But if you have protrusions, hernias, etc. You can get harmed by doing yoga. You should consult a doctor before you begin Yoga.


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12Myth 11.running damages your knees and ankles

There is no proof to back up this myth. Recent studies have proved that running isn’t harmful for your legs; as a matter of fact, your legs become stronger and less prone to injuries.


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13Fitness Myth No. 12: If you’re not working up a sweat, you’re not working hard enough

According to experts, sweating is not a sign of exertion; it is the body’s way f cooling itself. You can burn a number of calories without sweating especially during exercises like walking or lightweight training. Walking is one of the best exercises to burn calories gradually and even improve heart health.


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14What doctors say?

According to doctors, one shouldn’t overdo working out even of you have to get in shape. It can place extra stress on the body if you gym daily because the body needs time for recovery. However, you should not also sit home, be a couch potato and gorge on unhealthy food. Rest is as important as working out but always works out different muscles with different types of exercise patterns to avoid injury.


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