Father shares an experience of Toe-tourniquet syndrome and how it almost cost his baby’s toe!

In our busy lives, we sometimes tend to neglect the smallest of problems concerning our children. The perennial attitude of, “oh it happens’ and others stating, “oh that’s nothing it’ll go away” are classic instances of foolishness not to heed the smallest signs of impending danger.


Scott Walker lived through this experience with his little baby Molly. The smart thing about him is that he did not take an unseemingly irregularity on his little baby’s toe lightly. Scott Walker is among many smart parents who will never walk the path of regret and this is why.

1 Scott walker got the fright of his life. What was wrong with his baby’s toe??

Scott Walker lives in Kansas with his wife and two daughters, three year old Myra and five month old Molly. It was very recently that both parents got really scared at an unusual but dangerous condition which developed on Molly’s toe.


While out at Lunch, they noticed unusually anxious behavior from cranky molly. Several attempts to soothe Molly yielded no result and it appeared to Scott’s wife that she was heating up. Although, babies tend to get really cranky at times, Scott’s wife had a gut feeling, this wasn’t usual. Molly was not acting up and something was wrong. Scott then removed her clothing starting with her socks and it was then he got the biggest fright of his life. In what seemed like a bizarre development on Molly’s toe. There was a STRAND OF HAIR, wrapped tightly around her toe and it seemed like it was CUTTING Into it. Molly had developed “Toe-tourniquet syndrome’.

Scott walker got the fright of his life

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2 Five month old Molly could have lost her toe if not for her parent’s quick reaction

Five month old Molly could have lost her toe. Both parents are lucky they found out in time. Toe –tourniquet syndrome is a life threatening condition affecting mostly babies. A strand of hair gets entangled in a piece of garment most typically a sock or a mitt and wraps around a digit so tightly it cuts into the skin threatening to cut off circulation. If not arrested in time, it could lead to the loss of a toe or a finger.

Scott Walker was extremely lucky to have got prior warning signs from Molly. Had he not seen it on time, it would have cost the cute baby’s toe. Using a magnifying glass, Scott’s wife removed the strand of hair with a pair of tweezers. Of course, the toe is healed and Little Molly is fine.

Five month old Molly could have lost her toe

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3 Toe-tourniquet syndrome causes serious infection leading to a loss of a baby’s toe

Most child specialists will tell you that ‘Toe-tourniquet syndrome’ is a serious condition not to be trifled with. Children around the world have been treated for severe complications arising out of this bizarre condition. It could lead to infection resulting in surgery or amputation of the toe. Besides the toe, the condition can develop in fingers or genitals.


Any child specialist will tell you, Toe-tourniquet syndrome is extremely painful and needs immediate attention.

Toe-tourniquet syndrome causes serious infection

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4 Parents! Be like Scott Walker, Pay attention to your baby’s behavioral patterns. It could save her life!

Toe-tourniquet syndrome may sound an unusual term. But, it could happen to any child, even yours. Scott Walker is thankful for being warned in time to act and save his baby’s toe. This is why he shared his experience on social media to enlighten parents to the dangers faced by babies in the most normal of circumstances.

This goes to show that parents may want the best for their kids and it’s most natural that every parent out there is seeking to provide a safe, healthy and secure atmosphere for children at home. However sometimes, the smallest of health conditions written off as natural could go haywire. So without having cause for regret, you as a parent should never neglect even the smallest blemish or warning signs that could suggest a danger to the health of your child.

Parents! Be like Scott Walker

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