Study proves how fast food exposes you to chemicals detrimental to your health


Till date, health fanatics have been pointing out to you how fast food exposes you to chemicals and is detrimental to health. We wanted solid proof for an excuse to pass up a big juicy burger and fries; we needed evidence to avoid a great big hotdog with dollops of mustard. Well here it is. Your evidence from a study at George Washington University which found that excessive consumption of fast food exposed consumers to harmful chemicals. More evidence??

According to a research study undertaken at the Milken Institute School of Public Health, located in George Washington University, those who consumed fast food on a regular basis were exposed to a harmful substance called phthalates. This could well be the first extensive study to look at such a topic and it has been published in the Journal of Environmental Health Perspective.

1 Fast Food Exposes You to an Increased Amount of Chemicals

Lead author of the study, Ami Zota, Scd, MS, stated that those regularly eating fast food were more likely to contain phthalates in their body that were 40 % higher than those who did not. Phthalates, she said were linked to severe health conditions in both children and adults.


Phthalates are substances that are classified among industrial chemicals. They are used regularly in food packaging, including dairy product tubing and a number of items used in the large scale production of fast food. Such chemicals can easily leak out of the packaging and contaminate the food.

Fast Food Exposes You to an Increased Amount of Chemicals

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