Facts you did not know about your body

Did you know that women handle the cold worse than men? How about older people have a more pleasing body odor than the younger or middle aged person? Interesting facts you say. These are just a snippet of the many interesting things the human body is capable of doing that we dug up for you today. Everyone already knows about the uniqueness of the human body but after reading this article you will definitely be scratching your head thinking gee whiz I did not know my body could do that. Read on and hear about all the fascinating things our bodies can do.


1 Our Feet Will Grow As We Get Older

As our bodies age and we put wear and tear on our feet and the thousands of tendons and ligaments within our modes of transportation this causes the arches to flatten. When this occurs our feet get wider and longer. Don’t fret though this condition does not occur to everyone but experts say those with certain medical conditions such as diabetes or those who are overweight are more prone to have this occur for them. Those who do have this occur can expect to increase by one shoe size by the time they hit 70 to 80 years old.

Our Feet Will Grow As We Get Older

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2 Motion Sickness is A sign of your Insides Shifting

Next time you are on that fast paced roller coaster, and you feel your stomach about to regurgitate everything you ate that morning for breakfast you might want to consider this interesting tidbit. Although the seat belt may keep your bottom in place some loosely connected organs like our stomach and intestine feel the movement. This in turn triggers your nerves to sense a change. Next thing you know your stomach feels like it is in your throat, and you are about to vomit. Maybe keeping some of this information in mind will help you through that next thrilling roller coaster ride.

Motion Sickness is A sign of your Insides Shifting

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3 Ladies Do Not Handle The Cold Too Well

While our female companions have a higher percentage of body fat and do a good job at preserving more heat keeping their internal organs warm it leaves their fingers, head and toes open to the cold. As we all know when your fingers, head, and toes are cold then the rest of your body feels the polar plunge as well. Additionally it has been documented in research results that women cannot tolerate the cold as well as their male companions.

Ladies Do Not Handle The Cold Too Well

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4 Older People Have a Better Scent

Here is an interesting tidbit of information. Older people according to recent research have a more pleasant body odor than older and younger people. Why not cuddle up to grandpa or grandma next time you are looking for a pleasant scent instead of your partner? You might get a refreshing scent that you have not experienced in the past.

Older People Have a Better Scent

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5 Our Senses Hate Room Temperature Coffee

Researchers in Belgium found that our sense of taste increases significantly when we are tasting something that is at or above room temperature. Next time you drink that cup of coffee see if it tastes better when it comes right out of the coffee pot piping hot or when you have left it sitting there for a few hours. Chances are you are going to hate the taste when it has sat for hours at room temperature. However, if you take that same cup of coffee and make it piping hot by putting it in the microwave, you will not even notice the bitterness at all. Very interesting.

Our Senses Hate Room Temperature Coffee

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6 The Bacteria on Your Arms Pits Causes Body Odor

So everyone thinks that sweating is what causes you to have body odor. In fact contrary to this belief it is the bacteria that is eating the oils that your armpits cause when you sweat that is the culprit behind that awful stench.

The Bacteria on Your Arms Pits Causes Body Odor

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