10 Facts about Periods That Turned Out To Be Myths and Its Time You Knew

Women have periods and for some but if bigoted communities worldwide, it is frowned upon while for the educated world, it is a common bodily feature. If we look into various statistics linked to it, we will actually see this biological phenomenon in a new light. Ladies have nearly 450 periods in their lifespan, and they lose about 2 fl oz of blood each time. Moreover, the whole sanitation process is not cheap either because women spend somewhere around 6000$ in hygiene products in total. But these facts are usually not noticed but many pay attention to many stupid myths which are attached to periods which should completely be ignored. Here are ten of them.


1Myth #1: You’re not allowed to take a bath

There are various reasons for which girls avoid taking refreshing baths during periods, some say it can cause or spread infections, some believe hot water would increase bleeding. What we do not understand is that it’s not a wound that’s bleeding, it’s just endometrium which separates from the endometrial wall.

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A warm bath can relax the blood vessels and relieve menstrual cramps

In fact, a warm bath or shower is good while having periods as it relaxes the blood vessels, smooth out tensed abdominal muscles and best of all reduces the menstrual cramps. Just make sure your tub is clean before you jump in or use a tampon if still scared of infections.

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com


2Myth #2: You’re not allowed to swim in a swimming pool or open water

Many wrongly think that going for a swim in pool or sea is bad for health but it’s a complete junkyard myth. If you use a tampon or a menstrual cup, water will never get in your body. Also, swimming is a form of exercise which will release tension from the muscles and reduce pain.

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You cannot get infected from clean pools

It’s not easy to get an infection in a pool which is well maintained, usually its gastrointestinal, conjunctivitis or skin infection people have to deal with that too in a pool which is overcrowded and overused and under-maintained but other than that you do not need to worry about menstrual infections. Better still take bath immediately after a lap and change your clothes into fresh ones.

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