10 Common face washing mistakes you need to avoid for better facial health

Washing your face is, of course, a mundane act of an everyday routine to freshen up but did you know that there is a way to do it? As per facts, almost everyone washes their face the wrong way and this simple activity has several complex factors attached to it. Washing your face correctly isn’t just beneficial for your face it is also good for your skin health too. Here are 10 face-washing mistakes you may be making every day.


1 The wrong product choice

Always choose a good branded product for cleaning your face. Ensure it cleans the dirt and grime and isn’t abrasive enough to remove healthy skin cells.

The wrong product choice

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2 Overwashing

Washing your face too many times is bad for your skin as it can result in dryness and irritation.


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3 The wrong water temperature

There is no truth in the claim that hot water opens up pores and cold water closes them. Lukewarm water is best for washing your face.

The wrong water temperature

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4 Do not over exfoliate

While exfoliation of dead cells is good, you shouldn’t overdo it. Exfoliate skin once or twice a week and use your fingers instead of a washcloth.

Do not over exfoliate

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5 Not rinsing well enough

Improper rinsing will result in clogged pores and dry skin. Rinse thoroughly especially jawline, hairline and nose.

Not rinsing well enough

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6 Do not use ingredients that irritate skin

Certain facewashes of poor quality may contain chemicals that irritate skin such as colorants and fragrances. These can also result in skin infection. Always check the label.

ingredients that irritate skin

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7 Rubbing with a towel

A common face washing mistake. Never rub but pat your face dry. Rubbing makes you feel nice but it pulls your skin and damages the elastin. Also use a soft clean water absorbent cloth rather than a towel.

Rubbing with a towel

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8 Moisturiser

Apply moisturizer immediately after a wash rather than waiting. When the skin is moist that’s the best time to moisturize it. Whether this means using products like bee naturals oil free moisturizer, a vitamin c moisturizer to help brighten the skin or a fragrance-free moisturizer for sensitive skin, incorporating this step is important within any skincare routine.

Definitely have a look around at the different face moisturizers around the world to find the best one for you! From affordable face moisturisers in Australia to facial moisturisers in England, you are sure to find one that will suit your skin type.


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9 Spending too much on products

Never spend too much on products to clean your face such as expensive moisturizers and serums. Act wisely and in moderation.

Spending too much on products

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10 Done fear essential oils?

Experts and cosmetologists claim that cleansing with oil benefits every skin type. Chose good oil that will clean and maintains the balance of your skin. Stop making these common face washing mistakes to keep your facial skin radiant and in good health.

Done fear essential oils

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