You can avoid these 5 expensive surgeries that may not always be necessary


The medical profession is by far the most important group of people in society as we may even owe our lives to many of them. However with progress and medical technology making surgery easier, there are many doctors who may suggest surgeries as the easiest solution to a problem. While in severe cases such as cancer and life threatening conditions, surgery is inevitable, not always is it the case. Take a look at 5 expensive surgeries not always necessary.

1 Knee Surgery or Arthroscopy

Researchers say that Arthroscopy for osteoarthritis has proven to be non beneficial for patients in comparison to injuries such as meniscus tears in which case it is absolutely necessary. In osteoarthritis, Physiotherapy is a better option.

Knee Surgery or Arthroscopy

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2 Cesarean Section

WHO states that cesarean delivery rates should not exceed 10% yet throughout countries like India, cesarean births have become the common method of delivery. In various parts of India cesarean deliveries have increased to almost 80%, In the USA C-section birthrate was recorded at 32% in 2013 and rising.

Cesarean Section

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3 Angioplasty and Stents

Angioplasty and stents are expensive procedures which are of course life saving in many conditions but in several cases they may be unnecessary. Studies show that in certain cases, such procedures are no better than conventional less invasive treatments. Patients should always consult a well qualified expert in such matters and be alert and aware of options available.

Angioplasty and Stents

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4 Spinal Fusion Back Surgery

The surgical neurology international suggests that it is common for surgeons to recommend spinal fusion back surgery as one of the expensive surgeries not always necessary. It is an extremely expensive procedure with a success rate of just 25%.

Spinal Fusion Back Surgery

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5 Hysterectomy

According to a study published in the obstetrics and Gynecology, 70% of hysterectomies were not necessary. In several instances, surgeons had performed the procedure without a patient’s consent. It is extremely important to get a second medical opinion before going in for expensive surgeries not always necessary.

Hysterectomy surgery

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