10 Exercises to Reduce Back Fat Your Body Can’t Wait To Try

Most of us usually workout the front part of our body more than we do our back part as it is what we see in the mirror first. But, you need to remember that exercising and developing your back muscles are just as important for an attractive physique. Here are some excellent back exercises which will help in decreasing the fat on your back and build a stronger and more toned back for you.


1Arm Circles

Raise your arms upwards and hold them parallel to the floor and start circling while squeezing the shoulder blades. Circle forwards for at least 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. After resting, start circling again but in reverse for another 45 seconds.

Arm Circles

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2Bent over row

Start by bending over and rolling the shoulders backwards while bringing your arms up and squeezing the shoulder blades. You can use dumbbells for this exercise or you can even do it without any weights. Maintain a straight back and make sure to not round your back. Do this for 45 seconds and rest in between for 15 seconds.

Bent over row

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3Bent over pulses

This is an exercise which is quite similar to bent over rows, although you will need to pulse your arms 5 times before you drop them down. Repeat these movements for 45 seconds and then rest for the next 15 seconds.

Bent over pulses

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4Superman fly

Lie face down and keep your legs and arms extended. Begin squeezing your back muscles while keeping your arms and legs straight. Lift your arms and legs up as high as you can and focus on keeping your neck relaxed in a neutral position. If you happen to experience neck pain, it may be because you are putting too much pressure on it. This is an excellent exercise for your lower back. Do it for 45 seconds with a break to rest for 15 seconds.

Superman fly

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