Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Paralysis

When you suddenly wake up from sleep, you may feel strange. Maybe, you try to move your body, but it cannot react. Sometimes, you think it is a dream, but you are aware of it. Sleep paralysis is an uncommon condition that causes us a lot of problems. If you come in contact with it, you feel that there is no one to help you. Also, you cannot make any sound. These are some common symptoms of sleep paralysis.


We want to tell you everything about this mysterious disorder so that you can avoid it as much as possible:

1Introduction to sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a sort of sleep disorder or parasomnia. It takes place when you are awake or you are sleeping. In most cases, it is a feeling of being conscious but not able to move or speak. Anyone suffering from sleep paralysis experiences some type of heaviness or heavy object sitting on them. If it goes along with hallucinations, the situation may worsen. During one of two transitions, your muscles will relax, and your eyes will move faster.

Introduction to sleep paralysis

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2You feel the presence of hallucinations and nightmares

Nightmares and hallucinations are the biggest symptoms of sleep paralysis. But they are very different from the dreams you usually get when you sleep. Startlingly, these things happen when you feel awake and your mind is alert. It makes the entire situation a bit more unsettling. On the other hand, people suffering from this may hear scary noises and see shadowy figures. In many cases, it aligns with the sensation of flying, being pulled out of bed, and vibrating in your body.

You feel the presence of hallucinations and nightmares

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3You can’t control your body

No matter how much you try now, but when you experience sleep paralysis, you cannot move your body. However, some may move their toes or fingers, causing them to eventually wake up. Experts call it an out-of-body experience that gives no chance to control the body. Additionally, sleep paralysis may last a few seconds and even several minutes. People with greater effects of sleep paralysis may experience someone hiding in their room.

You can't control your body

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4Sleep paralysis is older than we think

Do not think that sleep paralysis has no connection with ancient times because people saw it even in that era. You can see people from all over the world talking about some stories and legends that relate to this situation. People mostly describe the situation as alien abduction or demonic possession. A noticeable example associated with sleep paralysis is the Swiss artist Henry Fuseli’s Renaissance painting. In this painting, a demon is sitting on the chest of a woman affected by sleep paralysis, indicating solid pressure.

Sleep paralysis is older than we think

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5What causes sleep paralysis?

Every time we sleep, our body begins to enter and exit something called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). While your brain sends an order to relax your muscles, you enter a state of atonia. This particular state is responsible for restricting physical movements. Sleep paralysis occurs when there is a problem of transition in your body. Even if you are awake, your muscles will not exit the atonia. This is why you may have sleep paralysis.

What causes sleep paralysis

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