15 Everyday Things You Could Be Allergic to Without Even Being Aware Of It

Allergies are annoying and debilitating at its worst which could affect your efficiency in work or life in general as well. The constant sneezing or skin irritation can drive us crazy sometimes. So far there are some common root causes of allergies which are known to us such as pollen, dust, food or even pets. But apart from them there are many rare allergic stimuli present all around which we are not even aware of but they affect us nonetheless. Here are 15 such rare allergies that may affect us from our everyday routine or the items that we use.


1 Cell phones and tablets

We live in a world of smart gadgets and phones which practically rule our lives. Though it’s hard to function without them there are many cursed to do without them because they are simply allergic to their phones! Most of these devices have nickel or cobalt which is toxic to many skin types and cause rashes all around the hands, fingers and ears. The solution to this, cover the body of the phone with a case and use headphones as speakerphones as much as possible. You need to curtail the use of these gadgets to the minimum to prevent flare-ups of your allergy.

Cell phones and tablets

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2Pant buttons

Similar to the cell phones, pant buttons are usually metallic (Nickel) in most of the cases which does not agree with many skin types. Sensitive skin usually gets allergies, rashes and erythema. Just wear tuck in t-shirts or shirts when wearing the jeans so that there is no direct contact between the mental and the skin.

Pant buttons

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Unfortunately, there are many who cannot enjoy their favorite barbecue or prime ribs because they are allergic to meat products. Usually, after eating meat in any form they burst into inflammation and rashes. Unfortunately, these can develop at any stage of life. The culprit is usually a mite called the “lone star tick” which is usually thrives in the eastern part of U.S.

Allergic to Meat

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4Pollinated fruits

Some fruits like apples, kiwis; peaches etc are pollinated fruits and cause serious allergic damages to the throats, lips which are usually called the oral allergy syndrome or pollen-food syndrome. Surprisingly this conditions surfaces in pre-teen or teenagers mostly and not in kids at all.

Pollinated fruits

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The most frustrating form of allergy is the one caused by the sun! Some skin is oversensitive to overexposure to the sun and burst into rashes and inflammations along with horrid itchy patches on the skin. There are anti-allergic lotions and medicines to deal with this problem but if it persists, it is better to consult a dermatologist.

Alerjik differences

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