12 Everyday Habits Spoiling Your Weight Loss Plan Which You Didn’t Know

Every one dreams of having an ideal slim and toned body, but rarely do many achieve this goal even after numerous attempts on ways to lose weight. Although, have you ever wondered about what you could be doing wrong? One of the most common mistakes is to not get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can make you increase your daily intake of calories. It also may be due to the fact that your perfectionism is hindering your progress. Here are 12 habits which are probably sabotaging our weight loss attempts:


1 Dieting to lose weight faster

As weird and disappointing as this may sound it is nonetheless true. People usually diet as a ‘temporary’ measure to lose some unwanted pounds. According to experts, an abrupt cut-down in your calorie intake will only slow down metabolism which makes your body think that you are starving. So, the pounds you lose while dieting will return maybe in 1-5years.

Instead of a diet, make changes in your lifestyle which you can live with for the rest of your life. It’s important to remember to not skip out on meals like breakfast and be more physically active to lose excess weight and stay healthy.

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2Always eating sauces and dressings

Dressings and sauces are filled with calories, with the exception of olive oil and mayonnaise. A topping as healthy as humus can even contain approximately 177 calories/100 g (3.5 0z). So, by just dipping your veggies into a healthy sauce can end up ruining your diet and should be counted out of ways to lose weight.


To counter this all you need to do is add these calories to your nutrition diary so that you can keep a track of the amount of calories you are consuming in a day as per your daily intake.

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3Dividing foods into “allowed” and “prohibited” categories

To lose weight you must eat healthy, but we still do have cravings. Everyone who has ever been on a diet has experienced irresistible temptations of having an extra piece of something which could negatively impact their weight loss attempts. Needless to say, that they feel very guilty after giving in to temptation.

Punishing yourself every time you eat something you were not supposed to is wrong indeed because you end up eating more in response to your failure and gaining all that excess weight again. So, if you feel like eating a burger or a piece of cake, just eat it. However, remember to always to eat these in moderation.

Everyday Habits Spoiling Your Weight Loss Plan

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4Fearing hunger

Hunger is has its benefits. But, it’s not the kind of hunger which you experience from not having food for days or weeks. This hunger is just the feeling you have or at least should have when your body receives its daily intake of calories but still craves for more.


Mary Vance, a holistic nutrition consultant explained that there are numerous health benefits from letting yourself get hungry. It can improve digestion, promote blood sugar regulation, and even boost growth hormones which stimulate cell renewal. Your body tends to produce ghrelin when hungry- a hormone that stimulates learning memory and can even help you fight depression until your hunger is quenched. Hunger even makes your food taste better when you sit down to eat. For instance, a bowl of soup will be as enjoyable as a juicy burger.

Fearing hunger

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