Ever wondered why Mosquitoes Bite some people more than others?

Mosquitoes are small flies which possess a proboscis using which they drink blood from other animals including humans. Only the female mosquitoes bite and drink blood, since she needs protein from it in order to lay eggs. They have been on this Earth since Jurassic period, meaning they are 210 million years old.


There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world. The female of the species can easily lay upto 3,000 or more eggs at a single time, mostly on stagnant water or in places where floods happen regularly. Mosquitoes cause malaria and are responsible for over a million deaths in the world every year and are known as the deadliest animal on Earth. But if you think that mosquitoes have a preference on specifically biting anyone, you may be onto something actually.

Here are 4 reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more than others.


1 Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid is built-up in the body when we work out, do exercises like running or anything that makes us sweat. Lactic acid also gets built-up in the body, thanks to some specific types of food that we eat and it is usually secreted through the skin. Now this is one scent that mosquitoes love and they are attracted in huge numbers to people who secrete excessive amounts of lactic acid.

You can reduce the amount of lactic acid buildup on the skin, by washing yourself with soap and thoroughly drying yourself after a workout. Also cut down on the food that helps in the build-up of lactic acid on the skin.

Mosquito sucking human skin

Image Source: www.unwindly.com

2 Bacteria on human skin

We all have microbes and bacteria living on our skin that are specific to us. Though we share some amount of bacteria with other people, but usually we have unique bacteria in our body which is specific to us.


These bacteria react to the sweat produced by us and the sweat contains chemicals secreted by the body and those chemicals are released by the food we eat and this leads us to have a particular odor, which gets emitted from our body.

Mosquitoes have the unique ability to know what protein or nutrient they will procure from the smell that we give out and are attracted to people who give out the specific kind of smell that mosquitoes require or like.

Bacteria on human skin

Image Source: www.dos-news.com

3 Blood Group

Yes blood group is a big attraction to our pointy mouth foes. Mosquitoes bite us in order to drink our blood and harvest proteins from it, which are useful for them in laying eggs. Usually mosquitoes are quite free willed in their biting preferences, but scientists have found in controlled settings, that people who have O type blood group tend to attract more mosquitoes than any other blood group.


The amount of mosquitoes attracted by the O Type blood group people was found to be twice the amount of mosquitoes attracted by A Type blood group people. People who have B type blood group were seen as the last option by mosquitoes, as they fell in between the spectrum on mosquito bites in the experiment. Genetics make 85% people secrete a chemical signal via their skin indicating the type of blood they have in their veins and mosquitoes know how to catch that signal. Only 15% of people do not secrete any signals and mosquitoes prefer the people who secrete the chemical.

Blood Group

Image Source: www.psibloodbankpimpri.com


4 Carbon dioxide

One of the more creepy ways mosquitoes find their prey is by smelling the amount of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 emitted by that living being. Mosquitoes have an organ known as the maxillary palp that helps them smell the amount of CO2 emitted by any living being.

Their sense is so strong that they can smell CO2 from almost 200 feet away. So people, who exhale more amount of CO2 during their breathing process, attract more mosquitoes than people who have normal breathing functions.

mosquito smelling carbon dioxide

Image Source: www.gannett-cdn.com

This is one primary people why babies get less bitten by mosquitoes and adults always keep killing mosquitoes.


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