12 Endometriosis Myths You Should Know Which Prolong the Suffering of Millions of Women Worldwide

6Myth: Endometriosis Is Caused by Delaying Pregnancy

This couldn’t be more false than anything and it is absurd because endometriosis can occur in early menstrual years so the issue of delaying pregnancies don’t arise. The myth has no basis whatsoever. Even if you don’t become pregnant, this has no relation or bearing on endometriosis. Till now scientists have not yet been able to pinpoint the main reason and causes of the disease although abnormal menstrual flows are widely regarded as the main culprit.

Endometriosis Is Caused by Delaying Pregnancy

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7Myth: Endometriosis Is Cured by Becoming Pregnant

This is not true although the change in the hormones of the body during pregnancy may even reduce the endometriosis symptoms and decreases its progression. In pregnancy, the body undergoes several hormonal changes and tough the endometriosis may decrease, it won’t be cured. It only gives temporary relief which is why you should never stop your endometriosis treatment after consulting your doctor.

Endometriosis Is Cured by Becoming Pregnant

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8Myth: Endometriosis Can Be Cured With Birth Control Pills

No, they can’t. Although birth control pills are prescribed as part of endometriosis treatment for the pain, it cannot cure the disease. There is no effective cure for the condition. Surgery is one option to get all the excess tissue removed which causes the problem.

Endometriosis Can Be Cured With Birth Control Pills

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9Myth: Hysterectomy Cures Endometriosis

No, it can’t. Although several women undergo a hysterectomy to get relief from the Endometriosis pain and improve their quality of lives, the cure isn’t permanent. This is especially if it has spread to other areas which haven’t been diagnosed. Moreover, the main problem is that it was earlier believed that it was only uterine tissue that causes endometriosis but now doctors say it isn’t that exact tissue causing the problem. Endometriosis can carry on even after a hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy Cures Endometriosis

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10Myth: Only Women between the Ages of 25 and 35 Get Endometriosis

This is another myth which is why many young females are not given endometriosis treatment in time because of their symptoms being attributed to other problems or simply menstrual pain. This myth has arisen because it is usually those between 25 to 35 that have been diagnosed with the condition. The fact remains that any female undergoing menstruation can get it. In fact, although rare, even men can get the disease.


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