This Elevated Stretch Can Help Relieve Your Back Pain Caused By Sitting All Day


Low back pain afflicts thousands of people worldwide. One of the most common causes of back pain is lifestyle issues where you may be required to sit for long hours at work. In spite of all the advisories saying you should sit erect or that you should maintain your posture while sitting, it’s impossible to do so especially when focused on the work till you find yourself slouching or hunched over your laptop. This is when your spine and back are affected to the point of suffering from constant back pain.

1The elevated pigeon stretch is an excellent remedy for back pain

For those suffering from back pain, the pigeon stretch based on yoga could very well be the answer to all your problems. Back pain is such a problem that you may begin to feel older than you really are. It can become chronic and really be irritating too. What elevates the problem is work and sadly that is the worst thing for our back unless of course, you start doing something about it.

The elevated pigeon stretch

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2It is an enhanced version of the pigeon stretch

The pigeon stretch can help with back pain because it is an elevated stretch and this article shows you how to perform it. Many may be familiar with it as it is also a yoga pose. Those already into yoga may know exactly what is being spoken about. However, the elevated pigeon stretch is a bit different and is an enhanced version of the pigeon stretch.

Enhanced version of the pigeon stretch

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3Find an object to raise your leg upon

You need to find an object that you can rest your leg upon. It has to be about waist high. This could be a box or a bed. Now your leg has to rest on the object at a 90 degree angle as you can see in the video later.

object to raise your leg upon

4Step 1 move side to side

Now once you have raised your leg on the object, start by moving side to side for 30 seconds. When you move side to side, use your upper body to do it while keeping your lower body stationery.

Find an object to raise your leg upon

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5Step 2 make half rotations

Make half rotation
style=”text-align: justify;”>Rotate yourself so that your upper back is stretched however your lower back should remain stationary. Your rotations obviously need to be half rotations towards each side. First do it right to left and again left to right.

Make half rotations

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