12 Effective Stretches to Relive the Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders

5Levator scapulae stretch

This is another effective stretch that focuses on your neck and shoulders. Again sit on a chair and with the left hand hold the chair behind you. Now slowly move your chin towards your chest and your ear should be tipped towards your left shoulder. Now perform 45-degree rotations with your head both to the left and right side. For support, you can put the right hand over your head but do not force the movement which should be gentle.


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6 Thread the needle

This is a great stretch that relieves the tension in the shoulder blades and upper back. When you perform this stretch, it should be smooth and gently.


Get on your hands and knees and then with your palm facing up, slide the left arm between your right arm and legs. Rotate your body while making your head touch the ground. Maintain the position for 35 seconds and repeat with the other side.


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7 Shoulders roll

The shoulder roll is another helpful stretch that will give you immense relief around the neck and shoulders. First, you will have to place yourself in a sitting or standing position then keep the back and neck straight. While lifting the shoulders, roll them back and down. Your chin should be tucked into a double chin.

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8 Cross-body arm stretch

This is one good stretch that is great for your biceps and shoulders. You need to stand with feet apart and keep your left arm crossed on your chest. With your right hand, pull your left arm above your elbow close to the body. Maintain for20 seconds.

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This is one stretch that targets the multiple muscles and shoulders. First raise your left arm is a straight direction. Then bring it over your head by bending it. Now with your right hand brought up behind your back, grab your left hand. Maintain the position for 10 seconds and repeat on another side after releasing hands.


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