10 Effective Methods to Get Rid of a Double Chin

If you have a skin-fat fold near your lower jaw, it is indeed a double chin. It makes your face look like your facial proportions are visually deformed, or simply puffy and heavy. No one really likes a double chin but fortunately, you can reduce it. With some physical exercises, massages, salon and home procedures, this issue can be done away with. A young and slim girl can have a double chin too. There are many reasons as to why do this imperfection appear and there are many methods to get rid of it.


1What causes a double chin to appear?

There are number of factors responsible for the appearance of a double chin. Some of these are heredity, and age.

Women who are 45+ years of age are at the risk of getting a double chin since their skin at this age tends to lose its elasticity by a significant margin. This causes the face’s oval shape to get deformed and this process is known as gravitational ptosis.

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2Weight change

A sharp loss in weight or even a drastic gain in weight most of the time leads to skin fold formations near the lower jaw. Inheriting a jaw structure in which the angle in between the chin and neckline is small will automatically result in a double chin.

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3Bad habits, Sleeping disorders, Pregnancy

Slouching and holding the head down for a fairly long time is an extremely bad habit that leads to the formation of a double chin. Sleeping on a pillow that is too soft or too high can cause a double chin. Pregnancy issues may also give you a double chin because of weight gain, bad habits or unbalanced nutrition.

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4Effective methods to get rid of a double chin


You can easily get rid of a double chin with one of the most basic and effective methods which is exercising. Exercises don’t only affect the skin but also do affect the facial muscles. You will begin to see results within just one week of exercising. All you have to do is be consistent in exercising and you will definitely get your desired outcome.

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