A short effective exercise to correct your posture and remove Lower Back Pain

A correct posture isn’t only beneficial to your looks but to you physical health as well. Correct posture of standing and sitting upright is conducive to development of the body, healthy circulation and positive mental well being. You don’t really need to spend hours at the gym correcting your posture. All you need is a few minutes of your time and this simple but effective exercise.


The back extension for good posture is a popular exercise advocated by health experts of sports training and medicine.

1 The back extension for improved posture and health

The back extension when practiced on a daily basis will get rid of that horrible hunched back syndrome of yours and reduce the tension on your spine. The discomfort and pain you may feel in your spine at times will disappear because after all that is nothing bit the side effects of bad posture. Once your posture is corrected you will feel the difference.


This exercise is especially beneficial for office workers and those who sit at a desk working on the PC all day long.

The back extension for improved posture and health

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2 How to do the back extension

First position: Lie flat on your stomach and rest your head on a yoga or exercise mat. Your arms should be placed parallel to your body. Palms should be pressed against the thighs and elbows kept straight, legs should be together and toes drawn. Now while exhaling, lift your head, your chest and the upper part of your stomach keeping your legs and arms firmly in place.


Now inhale and return to original position, repeat 10 times. This exercise should be done thrice a week and within a short period there will be a marked improvement in your glutes, back, spine and stomach muscles.

How to do the back extension

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3 Benefits of the back extension

The back extension for good posture doesn’t just benefit your spine alone. It impacts the internal organs in a positive way, improves circulation, is good for hamstrings, and removes lower back pain.

As an isolation exercise, it promotes endurance and prevents back injury by giving you a stronger back. It is also beneficial for low back pain.

Benefits of the back extension

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