Eating pizza for a week made this woman lose weight! And that too, 5 pounds! Unbelievable, right?

That title was all in all clickbait, I bet. Who wouldn’t want to know how a woman lost 5 pounds on a pizza diet? A little over two months ago, Instagrammer Charlotte Palermino shook the internet by stating that she legitimately lost a great deal of weight by consuming nothing but pizza for an entire week. Now, if the prospect of a HEALTHY PIZZA DIET doesn’t make you want to get a local pizza delivery, I’m sure nothing will. Read on to uncover the details of how can someone lose weight just by eating pizza.


1 The diet plan

I’m sure as hell that as soon as you read the word ‘pizza’ diet, you could picture a woman gorging on cheesy, stringy pizza straight out of the ovens of a Pizza Hut or a Papa Johns’. Well you’re mistaken, because this women had her pizza diet, or as she liked to call it, her ‘pizza cleanse’ well planned out.

The diet plan

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  • She modeled it based on a seven day juice cleanse and established a set of rules:
  • There must be crust, and no cauliflower/hummus stuff.
  • There must be cheese or topping.
  • Some sort of sauce/olive oil must be there.
  • Kale is allowed in case meal is too deficit of vitamin C.
  • No supplementary foods or alcohol.
  • Coffee is allowed.

2 The day-to-day break-up of the Pizza Diet!


  • Number of slices: 10

Meal – White Guy (mozzarella, garlic, ricotta, sea salt, olive oil, with an egg on top) and the Axl Rosenberg (garlic, mushrooms, mozzarella, jalapenos, and fresh tomato sauce).



  • Number of slices: 1.75 small pizzas

Meal – Colatura di Alici with fior di latte, grape tomatoes, red onion, white anchovies, gaeta olives, chili flakes, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and sea salt.



  • Number of slices: 8

Meal – Neapolitan styled pies, crunchy crust Margherita slice and a Sicilian slice with pepperoni.

Neapolitan styled pies

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Number of slices: 6

Meal – Vodka pizza with extra garlic, classic cheese pie with artichokes and shallots.



  • Number of slices: 10

Meal – Arugula, mushroom, ricotta, and mozzarella pizza with olive oil and lemon, Mushroom (local mushrooms, chive, bechamel, chilies) and Summer Greens (ricotta, carrot top pesto, zucchini, bottarga, chili)



  • Number of slices: Unknown

Meal – Leftovers, Mozzarella and Pepperoni slices, The Colony: red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pickled chili, honey.


  • Number of slices: 12

Meal – The Gravlax (grilled dough, fennel cured salmon, ricotta, capers, red onion and lemon) and The Ritz (grilled Taylor ham, Provel cheese, farm eggs, Tabasco).


  • Number of slices: 3

Meal – Classic pie, regular pie, Sicilian slice.


3 Reason behind taking up this diet

This woman lost 5 pounds of weight and also had a valid reason for taking up what we would call a ‘far-fetched’ weight loss plan. Charlotte says that she believed that cleanses and diets weren’t worth the hype given to them. She states that anyone who stops drinking alcohol and eating candy for a week can lose weight. If not lose weight, at least it can help in maintaining the weight.

Reason behind taking up this diet

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4 Perks of this diet plan

It’s a damn pizza diet! It’s the dream we’ve all dreamt of coming true! Treating our taste buds and losing weight at the same time. So much better than staggering through an all-fruit or an all-juice diet all week. Enough said. But on a more serious note, it gave way for Charlotte to try out most of the ‘happening’ pizza parlors in and around New York City, the pizza capital of the world.

Perks of this diet plan

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5 Science behind her diet

This woman lost 5 pounds in the most triumphant way possible, and here’s the biology behind her weight loss. She was actually consuming lesser calories than how much she did on a normal basis.

Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, told her that part (or all) of my weight loss was probably due to cutting out wine and sugar. Smith notes that most crash diets aren’t sustainable long-term because “many [crash diets] leave people starving and can often act more like a Band-Aid than anything else.”

Science behind her diet

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Doing anything for just a week won’t do much but, put you on the path to health. Even Charlotte, following her pizza cleanse, went back to her normal everyday diet consisting of greens, meat, dairy and wine. Nevertheless, her diet was a success, liberating and was like a giant slap in the face to the 40 billion dollar weight loss industry.


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