14 Easy Ways to Give Your Thin Hair More Volume

11Dry your hair from below

We all know that hair dryer can make our limp hair look fluffy but only if we knew how to make use of it! Well here’s the right way, lower your hair and let it hand down and direct the nozzle from the hair roots from your neck to the tip of air in front of your face, or lift your hair and dry it in vertically whichever suits you better.

Dry your hair from below

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12Adjust the parting in your hair

Instead of sticking to your habitual parting change it, it will automatically change the look of your face as well give your hair a lot of bounce too. Try zigzag parting or side if you are a middle part person or try going with no parting at all!

Adjust the parting in your hair

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13Get a check-up

This could be somewhat odd advice when it comes to speaking about hair volume, but it is very logical. If you find your hair falling at an unusual rate and finding patches of loss, it could be androgenetic alopecia which can affect women as early as their twenties. 50% of women experience hair loss by the time they reach fifty. Medical factors can also contribute to hair loss and only a medical checkup can find out what is causing it.

Get a check-up

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14Eat more vegetables

In order to make your hair healthy, you have to start from the inside. Eating foods rich in iron like spinach, chard, beans tofu and kale, are good for hair as they also contain biotin and zinc both of which are essential for healthy hair growth. Protein is also essential for bouncy thick hair so get your proteins from lean meat, fish and chicken. If you are a vegetarian, opt for foods like quinoa, nuts, peas and lentils. Avoid alcohol and tobacco and drink a lot of water.

Eat more vegetables

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