14 Easy Ways to Give Your Thin Hair More Volume

6Clean your scalp regularly

Clean your scalp regularly as it will remain sweat and grime free and the hair will look fluffy and thick. Also, refrain from the urge to shampoo your hair every day which makes it weaker and leads to hair loss instead go for dry shampoo.

Clean your scalp regularly

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7Lift up your roots

Lift up the hair roots using a simple hairpin or you can go for the traditional method of hair curlers sleeping overnight with it. These days there are sprays and implements like hair tongs available for the purpose as well. Whatever be the instrument of choice, use it when the hair slightly wet and let your hair dry in its own time.

Lift up your roots

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8Avoid using too much styling foam

Styling foam has the tendency to sit heavy on the air surface making it look even sleeker and thin which exactly what we are trying to avoid here. Instead use just a walnut size of styling agent for small hair, for medium size hair, the dollop should be the size of a hen’s egg and finally, for long hair use an amount equal to a tennis ball that’s it.

Avoid using too much styling foam

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9Apply the principle of “creative chaos.”

If you are thin haired never smooth comb your hair to close to your scalp as it will make you look flat. Instead always apply light waves or curls, having loose buns or knots instead of tightly pulled buns. The idea is to leave the hairstyle a bit loose to give it a messy and caress look.

Thin haired ladies

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10Use dry shampoo

It’s a new concept for many but a gift for long-haired women who are too busy to shampoo thrice a week or spend hours cleaning the scalp to take the dirt out. Dry shampoo does all that and fast! Moreover, it also gives bounce and volumes to the hair.

Use dry shampoo

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