14 Easy Ways to Give Your Thin Hair More Volume

If nature has not been that bountiful to you and you have thin limp hair, you need not be depressed as there are many ways to add volume and bounce to it and we will show you how to achieve that yourself. Every woman loves having beautiful locks that feature lustrous and good volume. Bouncy shiny hair is the aim of any hair routine but using different products without results can be expensive. It is how you take care of your hair that is equally important than using external ingredients on it. Here’s how to give your hair more volume especially if you have thin hair.


1 Play around with the length of your hair

Long hair gives the impression of hair being limp and thin especially if they are naturally or artificially straight and has no waves. In that case, cut your hair short in layers giving it waves and bangs which makes it look thicker and bouncy.

Play around with the length of your hair

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2Give yourself a multi-layered hairstyle

Always ask your hair stylist to cut your hair in layers so that it gives the impression of volumes. Uneven fringes can be added to the look, and you do not need to bother as it suits all sorts of hair type and face cuts.

Give yourself a multi-layered hairstyle

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3Add some color

Even coloring your hair in a particular manner which is called the “shatush” manner can help your hair look voluminous. Basically, this is a method which employs the use of all or different shades of the same color.

Add some color

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4Wash your hair the right way

You will be surprised how much thicker your hair would look if you wash it differently. Start off by rinsing it with warm water which usually opens all the cuticles of the scalp and takes the dirt and dandruff away. It opens the cuticles which absorbs the natural oil lost while washing the scalp.

Wash your hair the right way

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5Apply shampoo to roots only

Also one must remember, apply shampoo to your hair roots only and the just lather up the rest of the hair length, no need to scrub or rub the hair end as they are brittle and dry anyways. On the contrary, when applying conditioner you apply it as a mask all throughout the hair till the end tip avoiding the roots completely.

Apply shampoo to roots only

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