12 Easy Exercises to Get a Beautiful and Attractive Bust

Wanting to improve the shape of your breasts so that your bust can seem firm and beautiful? More importantly, if you really want to avoid taking the surgery route which would definitely be expensive, then why not try performing some straightforward exercises? These exercises have been recommended by specialists and for sure, will get you the ideal bust that you so desire. Here are 12 Very Simple Exercises to do regularly:


1 Chin Presses

Clenching your hand into a fist and begin raising it towards your chin. Now, with your chin start pressing down on your fist for 5 seconds, and then stop and relax for another 5 seconds. Keep doing this for about 2-3 times with each hand. Though the name sounds silly but when you perform the exercise you’ll experience the muscles in your bust area engaging in the exercise and being tightened.

Chin Presses

Image Source: fabiosa.es


2Palm resistance exercise

In front of your chest join your hands together and keep them pressed against each other, straining your pectoral muscles with the force applied. Also, don’t forget to keep your back straight.

Palm resistance exercise

Image Source: www.diaforetiko.gr


3Push ups

The third exercise would be the classic push-ups which help in strengthening your pectoral muscles. However, if it’s your first time doing push-ups, you can rest on your knees and perform them. You could also maybe do inclined push-ups using a sofa or a chair. To get into a push-up posture first place your hands just a little out of your shoulder width and keep your legs together. When going down in the push-up motion, be sure to keep your elbows close to your sides and not extended outwards. Do 12-15 reps for at least 3 sets.

Push ups

Image Source: ProSvet.cz


4Bow pose

Lie down on your stomach and keep your knees bent so that you can grab hold of your ankles and once you get into that position, hold it for a minimum of 20 seconds. Take a 10-second break and then go on to repeat this hold for another 3 sets.

Bow pose

Image Source: quoracdn.net


5Wall presses

Stand in front of a wall with half a meter gap in between you and the wall. Now, stretch out your arms in front of you, clench your hands into fists, and pressed them against the wall to exercise your pectoral muscles. Keep pressing for 20 seconds, and then take a break for 10 seconds. Do this for 3 sets of 20 seconds each.

Wall presses

Image Source: blognews.am


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