13 Easy Exercises That Can Curb Your Hunger in 5 Minutes

You usually feel hungry after having a good session in the gym but this can be a problem and can cause you to binge eat, which makes it pointless to exercise. Moreover, there are those who suffer from various issues like hypothyroidism for instance that makes you hungry all the time. There are many who feel hungry for no reason and this is what ultimately ends in eating just about anything causing weight gain. To fight this hunger, here are some exercises that have been found to keep you healthy and satisfied and which will take away that hungry feeling in 5-10 minutes.


1Breath of frog

Your hunger can be fought off even if you haven’t eaten the whole day by the help of this Chinese gymnastic exercise which is simple. Use a chair or small able for support. Use your elbows to lean against it. Lean against the wall alternatively. In one deep breath suck your belly in as much as possible and hold it for 3-4 seconds. Then relax and exhale to make your abdominal muscles loose again. This should be performed 10 times. This exercise can be helpful if you perform it before having any meal. After a couple of minutes or instantly you won’t feel hungry anymore.

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2Frog swaying on the wave

A good exercise to keep your appetite in check is frogs. You have to lie on your back to perform this exercise. You have to keep your legs parallel with each other and lift them up slightly from the surface below. With one hand press your stomach and with the other press your chest. You have to expand your chest while breathing. This exercise will help you be satisfied with a small amount of food, but you have to perform it before each meal.

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There is a move which can be added to a previously mentioned Chinese exercise which controls your thinking and breathing. You have to make your knees stick out when you fold your legs, making it look like the petals of a lotus flower and remember to always keep your back straight. You should focus on your breathing and hold it for 5 minutes.

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4Downward facing dog

Studies have proven that the urge to overeat can be reduced by 51% if you practice yoga regularly. Poses like downward facing dog can help you to satisfy your appetite for the entire day. You have to fold your torso into an inverted V by getting on all four of your limbs and lifting your lower back upwards.

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