12 Signs Your Body is Lacking in Vitamin C

9You experience frequent nosebleeds

While nosebleeds are not usually dangerous to your overall health, experiencing them on a frequent basis means that your body requires more vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps the tiny blood vessels (which always remain filled with blood) in your nose strong. So, if your body does not get enough of vitamin C, these blood vessels can become weak enough to start bleeding which is the reason behind your nosebleeds.


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10Your nails become thin and weak

Vitamin C is necessary for the better absorption of iron in the body. So if your system is running low on vitamin C, it can result in iron-deficiency anemia, which makes your nails brittle. Trying a nail strengthener and still not seeing any results only imply that you need to boost your vitamin C levels in your body. This can be done by including more fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet which are all rich in vitamin C. It will not only solve the problem of your vitamin C insufficiency but will also improve your overall health.


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11Your bones become weak

Low intake of vitamin C is known to have an impact on your bone health. It also can increase the risk of developing osteoporosis and your bones being fractured easily. Since vitamin C plays a critical role in the formation of bones, a deficiency of this vital vitamin can only result in an increased rate of bone loss.


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12Cork-screw shaped hair growth

When your hair grows in a bent or coiled shape due to defects in the development of the protein structure of hair during its growth, then it is a clear sign of vitamin C deficiency. One of the hallmark signs of vitamin C deficiency though not the obvious one is the growth of cork screw-shaped hair. These hairs are likely to fall out or break off quickly. The only way to stop this kind of abnormal hair growth and formation is by ensuring that you get the right amount of vitamin C every day.


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