12 Signs Your Body is Lacking in Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in the upkeep and proper functioning of your body. Unlike other vitamins, you require a daily dosage of vitamin C because it does not stay within your system for a very long time. When you fail to provide your body with the proper amount of vitamin C every single day it can lead to troublesome symptoms and a poor quality of life. But, it can easily be prevented by ensuring that you get enough vitamin C daily. Vitamin C deficiency can be a big problem which is exactly why you need to learn to recognize the signs of it early on so that you can start increasing your vitamin C intake for the betterment of your overall health.


1 You have swollen and bleeding gums

Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining gum health and if you fail to get daily required dosage of this vitamin, you will be at the risk of developing gingivitis. So, if you feel like you have been making sure to take proper care of your dental hygiene but despite that, your gums are still swelling up and bleeding, then it would best to increase your vitamin C intake. As per scientist’s calculations, adult women require around 75 mg per day while adult men require around 90 mg per day and for people who smoke they would require an additional 35 mg.

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2You get bruises easily that take forever to heal

Getting bruised as easy as a peach is an indication that your system might be lacking in vitamin C. However, this can easily be remedied by eating citrus fruits and vegetables regularly. If you also happen to notice that your cuts and wounds are taking longer than normal to heal, it is yet another sign that you need to increase your vitamin C intake because the collagen production in your body needs to be amplified.

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3Your hair gets brittle and easily falls out

When you experience hair loss and breakage it is a sign that you have a vitamin C deficiency. To put a stop to this, simply eat foods like broccoli and kiwi which are rich in vitamin C rather than spending money on hair products. There are many foods that are high in vitamin C content so there is no need to consume vitamin C supplements. Instead, opt for a healthier diet.

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4You experience frequent joint pain

One of the early and most common signs of vitamin C deficiency is experiencing pain your joints. Vitamin C happens to be a powerful antioxidant and insufficiency of this vitamin can lead to inflammation within your body which causes joint pain and aches. It’s really painful to manage joint pain, so make it a point to regularly consume your required dosage of vitamin C.

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