Do you feel pain in your ears inside a plane when it takes off and lands. Here is why it happens

You have finally got time and money to fly off to your favorite vacation place. You get to your (hopefully) comfortable seat and strap in. You are enjoying a pleasant flight until the plane ascends to a higher altitude and then you experience some tingling in your ear and soon it transforms into a pain in the ear. The more you try to shift yourself to avoid the pain, the more intense it gets and engulfs the whole head. It is an issue that every frequent flyer faces during flights and we have found the reason why it happens.

So read the following to find out what happens in your ear and how to avoid the nasty pain.

1 Reason behind the pain in the ear during the flight

All the above mentioned ordeals of pain and restlessness in your ear which then engulfs all of your head, generally passes away in some time. It is not a thing to worry too much as it happens to the frequent flyers as well and is a pretty normal thing to happen. The main culprit for the pain is something known as the Eustachian tube in your ear. The hollow tube is similar to a pencil and is situated near the eardrum. Its job is to regular the air pressure in the ear. But when the tube gets blocked, obstructed or backed up due to reasons, like say changes in air pressure due to airplane altitude, it can cause discomfort.

When it is unable to maintain air pressure in the eardrum and altitude changes cause it to get blocked, you get the worst headache of your life as signal. Click on the next page in order to get tips on how to save yourself from this agonizing pain.

pain in the ear during the flight

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