Drug resistant bacteria discovered in China – warns of an inevitable antibiotic apocalypse!

Every internet soothsayer is predicting an apocalypse. A few months ago, it was trending all over the net that Amazon had allegedly put a clause in their terms and conditions hinting of the impending zombie apocalypse. Will the world end with an apocalypse where we humans suffer a slow and painful disintegration?? Well!! Even though you may find such statements highly exaggerated, can you deny the fact that drug resistance can well make bacteria stronger in their attack on humans where we one day suffer the inevitable antibiotic apocalypse!

1 A War With Bacteria Is Being Fought In Laboratories Worldwide As We Speak

Antibiotic resistance is a major issue, with scientific research constantly endeavoring to find effective cures of new strains of the drug resistant bacteria. While you sit in the comfort of your home reading this, a virtual war with bacteria is being silently fought in laboratories around the world. Armies of researchers dedicate sleepless nights to find ways and means to combat bacteria,however!! There’s Bad news!! Chalk one up for team bacteria as a new gene has been discovered that empowers bacteria with resistance abilities against front line soldier of the lab wars and that is colistin.

Image Source: www.biomedcentral.com

Image Source: www.biomedcentral.com

2 An Antibiotic a Day Does Not Keep The Doctor Away!!

The biggest issue in the fight against bacteria is drug resistance. The human race is so dependent upon drugs that the moment a new drug is formulated as a potent bacteria killer, its strength weakens. The biggest factor determining the efficiency of drugs and drug resistance is largely due to the irresponsible misuse of drugs.


Popping pills has become second nature to the human race where even the slightest signs of a fever or flu warrant a tablet down the hatch!! It is in such ways that bacteria finds ways and means to mutate and evolve towards resistance.

An Antibiotic a Day Does Not Keep The Doctor Away!!

Image Source: www.hercampus.com

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