What happens when you drink pickle juice for 10 days

It’s common knowledge that pickle juice is heavily consumed all over the world and considered a great complementary with many foods. It is however relatively unknown that Pickle juice could be greatly beneficial too. The best part is that many people seem to swear that it works exceedingly well and that should at least give you the confidence to try it for yourself. Let us take a look at how and why this seems to work wonders and how it can help us alleviate a number of physical symptoms. What does it contain and what are the things it can do for you? The results will no doubt bring a smile on your face.


1 People are certainly very curious

When people first read this, even before they negotiate their way to the other paragraphs they begin to question “what is it that it can possibly do??” And what does it contain, that brings about such a range of benefits. The fact as we all know is that it contains only a salty brine solution.

People are certainly very curious

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2 What are the benefits?

For those who have tried it, report quite a large list of possible benefits and it may seem strange at first. Close scrutiny however will reveal that it is nothing but the benefits derived from this brine solution that does the magic. It is essentially the potassium and the electrolyte mix that brings in the loads of benefits.

What are the benefits?

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3 It reduces muscle cramps

When you have muscle cramps and muscular spasms, pickle juice has been known to be very good at alleviating those quite nicely. It sets right the depleted electrolyte in the human system and a little loosening exercise with that, truly is beneficial.

It reduces muscle cramps

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4 Greatly reduces dehydration

There are many who will confirm that gently sipping pickle juice, when there’s a bout of dehydration, really seems to make a remarkable difference. What it basically does is, it brings back the depleted levels of potassium and sodium and reduces the bad effects.

Greatly reduces dehydration

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5 It could be very useful in cases of heartburn

When someone is suffering from acute acidity, it is pickle juice that has been known to bring about an almost instantaneous effect. It is the element of vinegar in the pickle juice that helps mitigate the heartburn causing acidity inside the stomach. Also the mix of vinegar and salt of the liquid destroys the bacteria present in the system. If there is any kind of bacterial infection then this mix is effective in combating it quite well. Further this juice has excellent antioxidant properties which give it the ability to provide a beneficial effect to a person’s body.

It could be very useful in cases of heartburn

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6 It is a great pre-workout drink

There are many athletes who will vouch for its efficacy as a pre-workout drink. That’s not such a surprising statement especially because we know that pickle juice is a sodium rich liquid. Such a mix should be beneficial in preventing a range of stomach ailments and especially after a workout when the body loses a lot of water through sweating.

It is a great pre-workout drink

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7 It’s also effective in preventing sunburns

We have already stated quite a few benefits and the list still goes on. Another unique benefit of pickle juice that you can see in just ten days is that it acts as an excellent preventive measure for sunburns. The briny solution acts in mitigating the burning skin effect of someone who has been exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time.

It’s also effective in preventing sunburns

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In fact there are more of these benefits which you can find on the internet, but the ones we have laid out here are the ones you would be most interested in. Of special interest to women readers is that pickle juice is also known to relieve pre-menstrual cramping. So to reiterate the primary points are that it reduces stomach cramps in general, reduces heart burns, helps counter the burning effect on the skin when exposed to the sun for long hours, and a host of others benefits. All said and done, few had ever thought something as simple as pickle juice to deliver such an amazing range of effects as a sort of home remedy.


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