Double trouble! Research shows that liver diseases and obesity are interlinked

4 Pharmaceuticals rush to invent a medication

With NASH on a recluse rise, pharmaceuticals were rushing to invent a medication to treat the deadly disease. Two companies came close to breakthrough. Firstly, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, a small biotechnology firm, gave out a statement that its clinical trial of obeticholic acid could successfully treat NASH.

Secondly, Galectin Therapeutics, another company was granted a special fast-track designation by the Food and Drug Administration to speed its development of GR-MD-02, a drug that could possibly reverse some of the more advanced symptoms of the disease.

Pharmaceuticals rush to invent a medication

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But, doctors predict that it could take a while to come up with a concrete solution for NASH. The disease is pretty complicated, and doctors haven’t been able to understand the complete mechanics of it yet.


Even people as young as 20 years of age are suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver, which was unheard of. Earlier, researchers predicted that it was difficult to reverse the fatty liver due to a person’s inability to retain insulin, but that theory was wronged. Also, people who were on the lower index of body mass like Asians were also prone to the curse of fatty liver.

The connection between liver diseases and obesity should not be ignored. To avoid NASH, one must maintain a healthy lifestyle of balanced meals and plenty of exercise.

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