Try out this Doctor’s magic move to remove your vertigo instantly


For many suffering from vertigo and dizziness, this might come as good news. Vertigo can actually be reduced by a simple trick created by Dr. Carol Foster who has formulated a move to eliminate vertigo in a few seconds.

If you suffer from vertigo then this is necessary for you to learn as it has been known to work instantly. It takes just a few physical moves and almost no time to accomplish so give it a try.

1 How vertigo affects you

Vertigo gives you the impression that an entire room is spinning around. It is a common symptom of vertigo where involuntary movement of the eyes called horizontal nystagmus Vertigo is obviously scary and can last more than a few seconds. But!! Doctor carol Foster of the Colorado University Hospital has come up with a unique move to eliminate vertigo and the discomfort associated with it.

The doctor explains that vertigo is usually the result of a progression and build up of particles in the inner ear. Thus her new technique is directed at shifting around the particles so that their vertigo creating symptoms are reduced.

How vertigo affects you

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2 Step 1

Position yourself on your knees like the lady in the image.

Sit on your knees

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3 Step 2

Raise your head and maintain the position for a few seconds.

Raise your head

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4 Step 3

Bend or lean forward placing your head upside down on the floor. Your chin should be tucked in towards the knees while trying this position. The next direction is in relation to the ear that needs to be treated.

Lean towards the floor

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5 Step 4

Your head should be turned towards your elbow. Thus if it’s your left ear that needs the treatment then turn towards the left elbow and vice versa. You may experience spinning but remain in the position till the spinning stops.

Turn your head towards the elbow

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6 Step 5

Raise and align your head with your back. Your head should be turned at an angle. Now wait for the spinning to stop till you sit up straight. According to Doctor Foster, the move to eliminate vertigo procedure needs to be repeated a few times to reduce the symptoms entirely. Take a 15 minute break between the second attempt. However should your symptoms continue, it is advisable to see your doctor immediately.

Raise and align your head with your back

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