Doctors have found a magical drug that might regenerate teeth in near future

People dread going to dentists whenever there is anything wrong with their teeth. Sadly, those visits to the dentist should be regular in order to keep the teeth fit and fine. But with time, the teeth will wear down and there will be cavities forming in them, which have to be filled with the help of drilling and cement. However, scientists have actually found out a drug that might help people forget dentists visits!!

1 Teeth and their ability to regenerate

Teeth are made of calcium and bone materials that wear away with daily use and other bad habits like poor oral hygiene which also leads to cavities and breakage on them. Teeth also get damage due to trauma on them like accidents or while using them on some hard object. In order to protect this, teeth create a hard layer to protect the inner pulp, that layer is known as dentin, which makes up the bulk of the tooth and keeps outside materials outside.

Teeth and their ability to regenerate

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2 Normal way of repairing the teeth

Whenever cavities are formed in the teeth, doctors usually drill in the cavity to remove the decaying material and then fill it in using artificial fillings like silver or gold mixed with inert cement. But a leading dentist says, “The tooth is not just a lump of mineral, it’s got its own physiology. You’re replacing a living tissue with inert cement, fillings work fine, but if the tooth can repair itself, surely that’s the best way. You’re restoring all the vitality of the tooth.” Well there is good news for all those who dread visiting a dentist in order to get work done on their teeth and undergoing the drilling treatment. Doctors at King’s College in London might have found out a way to make the teeth repair themselves on their own.

Normal way of repairing the teeth

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