Do you know certain specific body features can reveal a lot about your health? Hop in here to know more!


Our body surely tells lots of things about us. More specifically, specific body features tell about our health. Doctors are trained to look at the physical features of an individual and diagnose the health of that person.

Features such as height of a person, the length of the fingers, body shape and many other such things are indicative of any impending health problems that a person might suffer from. Or it tells about the current well being of a patient.

Here is what different body features say about your wellbeing and health.


1 Body shape

Doctors differentiate the female body type basically into three types, the apple shape, the pear shape and the hourglass shape on the basis of the measurements taken of the waist and hip of a person.

A person with apple shaped body has waist larger than the hips. They tend to carry most of the fat in the area of their stomach. People with such body type may develop ailments such as diabetes and heart diseases.

People with pear shaped body, means that they have wider hips and narrow waist. Most of the weight they carry in form of fat deposits is in the hip or thighs. Though pear shaped people don’t have any danger of developing any ailments, they tend to find it difficult to lose weight when compared to apple shaped people.

Body shape

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While people with hourglass figure usually have a narrow waist, they have slightly larger hips and chest area. This says that the person carries most of the fat in the chest and the hip area. This body shape is preferred to be the best among women as it makes them attractive in the eyes of the prospective mates and the fat is deposited in the right places. As with pear shaped people, hourglass figure people may not develop any serious ailments, but they will find hard to lose weight around the hips. For them, the only concern is the extra weight in the chest area, for women it would mean bigger breasts and possible back pain due to big breasts.


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