10 Tips to Stop Different Types of Pain When You Have No Medication

4To get rid of headaches, inhale essential oils

What to do: You can inhale the aroma of essential oils, just by applying a few drops on a tissue and smell it on a frequent basis. You can even add some of these drops to your temple or forehead or even add a few drops to your bath. You need to first dilute the essential oil with some other oil before applying directly on your skin or they can burn that area. Rosemary, lavender, chamomile peppermint, etc. are the varieties of essential oils you can apply.

Essential oils

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Why it works

Essential oils like lavender have several invigorating and healing properties. It is believed that a relaxing and soothing effect is provided by essential oils. That’s why they are recommended for headaches which are caused by stress and anxiety as they will be helpful. The best oils for headaches are peppermint, lavender and chamomile.

Lavender and chamomile

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5Use peppermint tea to soothe a toothache

In a cup of boiling water, add a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves and let it soak for 20 minutes. When it gets cool, wash your mouth with the tea. You can use wet peppermint tea bags which are warm on your sore-throat and let it remain there for a few seconds. Peppermint can provide a pain relieving and soothing effect because it contains numbing properties. The menthol present in peppermint contains anti-bacterial properties and also works as a pain reliever.

Use peppermint tea to soothe a toothache

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6Soak in a bath with Epsom salt to heal bone and joint pain

Add to your bath 2 cups of Epsom salt and then soak yourself for 20 minutes. A painful or sore joint can be soaked in a bowl of warm water containing a cup of Epsom salt. Epsom salt contains a high amount of magnesium, thus it helps the body in regulating 300 enzymes as well as makes the system function properly. It even reduces inflammation and stress and eliminates toxins in the body.

Soak in a bath with Epsom salt to heal bone and joint pain

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7Walking to release endorphins and fight pain

Walking by far is one of the best exercises for several problems. One of the best things for your body is exercise, but if your pain prevents you from exercising, you should go outside for a walk.


Endorphins are a brain chemical which reduces the feeling of pain and is released when your body performs physical activities like walking, exercising, etc. The immune response is enhanced by endorphins and a feeling of euphoria is experienced. Moreover, walking is good for cardiovascular health and for issues like bloating and indigestion.

Walking to release endorphins and fight pain

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