10 Tips to Stop Different Types of Pain When You Have No Medication

Anyone can experience a sudden feeling of pulsing, burning pain, prickling, etc. at any time of the day. The biggest problem is that you may not have the right pills to deal with it and that is when it becomes a problem. You should remain calm no matter how scary the situation may seem to be. There are many different things you can do for example, to soothe your sore throat; you can eat a piece of chocolate, to ease toothaches use tea bags which have a peppermint flavor. But make sure that you visit an emergency dentist such as altaskydental.com if you find that your pain is too unbearable. This will also help to prevent long term damage. There are many more remedies like this that can help you deal with annoying pain without having to take any painkillers. This article will provide you some know about some tricks which will help you get rid of your pain without having to take any painkillers and medications.


1Drink more water to ease the symptoms of a migraine

You may have not heard of this but it is true. A large quantity of water should be drunk as soon as you get a migraine. It has been recommended by experts that a glass of water should always be drunk within every 2 hours gap.

Dehydration can often trigger severe migraine and mild headaches. Your system won’t function properly if the balance of the bodily fluids and electrolytes isn’t properly balanced. The symptoms of your migraines can be relieved by fighting dehydration and drinking sufficient water.

Drink more water to ease the symptoms of a migraine

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2Curcumin to stop the pain caused by inflammation

Curcumin is a natural proven remedy well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from inflammation, you can add turmeric or curcumin which is turmeric’s extract as a supplement to your food. You can also get turmeric supplements if you don’t like the taste. Organic turmeric also works better where you can make a latte.

Curcumin to stop the pain caused by inflammation

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Why it works

One of the most popular spices of Asia is Turmeric and it can be widely used in medicines because its components contain anti-inflammatory properties. Comparisons between conventional medications and curcumin have been researched and it has been proved that curcumin is just as good as ibuprofen for relieving pain. Turmeric or curcumin capsules are being recommended by doctors for patients suffering from aches and sore joints.

Turmeric milk

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3Stretch to relieve back pain

Stretches are the best for any back pain. Prepare a yoga mat and wear loose and comfy clothes. You can do a variety of stretching exercises like a lying knee twist, a seated stretch, a knee to chest stretch, cobra and cat yoga asanas, etc. you should be careful while performing these stretches if your back is paining due to some other medicinal issue.


The muscles which are supporting your spine get relieved from tension after stretching which also improves circulation. Your overall physical mobility and range of movement improves.

Stretch to relieve back pain

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