Different types of cancer treatment that you should be aware of to fight the deadly disease

If you or any one you know has been detected with cancer, it is essential for you to know and understand various types of cancer treatment options that are available. Before we begin with understanding the treatments, let’s talk about the amount of hesitation people feel to start a treatment.All the hesitation boils down to the myth that cancer treatments are worse than the actual cancer. It is true that surgeries, chemo and radiation have their side effects but these side effects go away and can be cured completely once the treatment is over. Also, don’t forget that no side effect is worse than losing your life. So, stay brave and focused, and stick to your treatment!


1 Surgery

Surgery is the most common choice out of the various types of cancer treatment options known and available to us. Surgery can be used to diagnose, treat and also prevent cancer. This is a very useful way, especially if the cancer has not spread. Usually, people who are undergoing other cancer treatments too would have had surgery earlier, as it’s very important to remove the tumour or affected cells.


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2 Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is basically using high energy particles or waves to destroy cancer cells. This is again a very popular choice among the types of cancer treatments. Radiation therapy is often combined with some other treatment. It is important to understand how it works and to remember that any side effect can be completely cured.

Radiation therapy

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3 Chemotherapy

As soon as people hear Chemotherapy,they are frightened and refuse to undergo this treatment. A lot of this fear comes from the way media portrays it and the general stigma surrounding chemotherapy. But, that does not lessen the credit for its effectiveness. If you are advised to take this treatment, make sure that you understand it well, and if you have any doubts, clear it with your doctors so that you are free of fear and hesitation.


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4 Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is pretty new compared to others. In targeted therapy treatment, drugs or other substances are used to target the cancer cells. This treatment hardly affects normal cells. The treatment has been gaining a lot of popularity and has been proven very effective.

Targeted therapy

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5 Stem cell transplant

Stem cell transplant could be peripheral blood, bone marrow or blood cord transplant and sometimes even platelets. When the cells are damaged, the person is left with very less red blood cells and very few immunity cells. This weakens the person and makes it difficult to fight the disease. Stem cell transplant helps resolving this issue and is very effective while treating kids.

Stem cell transplant

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6 Laser treatment

Beams of light that are precise and focused are called laser; laser is used to burn the damaged cells specifically, and this can be opted instead of just removing the damaged cells. There is minimal damage done to nearby healthy cells, but the treatment is being improved and made more precise.

Laser treatment

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7 Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy, commonly called as bio therapy, is seen as the future of cancer treatment. In this treatment, the immune system of the body is used to fight or attack cancer cells. It is done in two ways; the first one is to make the immune system stronger and smarter to attack the damaged cells. The second one is by adding man made immune substances to the body to help fight against the cancer cells.

Immunotherapy is being researched and studied in great depths as it is predicted to be a complete solution for many types of cancer and as the future of cancer treatments.


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There are many types of cancer treatment options available, such as hypothermia or photo dynamic therapy apart from the above mentioned ones. But more importantly, we should have the courage and the will power to sustain the treatment to fight the despised disease called cancer. We shouldn’t get side-tracked by the pain or side effects of any treatment and remember that cancer is the enemy and the treatment is your friend helping you fight it.

Stay informed about the treatment that you have chosen and remember that cancer, if untreated, is more dangerous and life threatening.


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